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Here you will find some of his best home bike service tips and information.

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Tech Tips

  • A clean bike is a fast bike.
Keeping your bike clean will ensure that your bike runs smoothly and quietly. It will also increase your bike's longevity. Products such as the Finish Line Grunge Brush and Simple Green can make the job easier.
  • Listen for noises.
A noisy bike can be a sign of poor derailleur adjustment or a bottom bracket in need of re-greasing.  Come by the shop for a diagnosis and a service recommendation.
  • Properly lubricate your chain
A chain that is too dry may not maintain durability or shifting. At the same time, a chain that has too much lubricant will pick up road grime and cause other shifting issues. Apply a thin coating of bicycle specific lubricant to the chain and then wipe off the excess. 
  • Inflate your tires to the proper pressure.
Properly inflated tires will protect you better from flats as well as transfer the maximum energy to the road. All tires have a recommended pressure range on the sidewall, check that and inflate accordingly. If you need a pressure recommendation, just ask.
  • Changing your own tires and tubes will save you time and money.
If you get a flat out on the road or the trail, being able to change your tubes/tires yourself can make the difference in finishing a ride or walking home. Check back soon for a tutorial...


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