Our Brands

A Cervélo bicycle is your ticket to the top!

Wherever and however you ride, Cervelo's fantastic bicycles excel. Every Cervelo features state-of-the-art materials and top-tech engineering for incredible performance. And many models feature advanced aerodynamics for maximum free speed and energy savings. Stop by, check out our full Cervelo selection and take home the ultimate road machine!  Click Here or the logo for more information about Cervelo.

Ride Like Peter Sagan with Cannondale  

Whether your racing on the trail, sprinting against Peter Sagan, or commuting around town Cannondale is constantly inovating their bikes to make them lighter, stronger, and faster.  Always On the cutting edge with a variety of models and styles to ride the way you want to, from ther Urban Commuters, to their inovative mountainbikes with their pattended LEFTY Fork, to their Ultra Light SuperSix Evo Highmod.  With Cannondales outstanding lifetime warranty program and crash replacement program you will alway be ready to go.  Click Here or the logo for more information about Cannondale.


Litespeed is a U.S. bicycle manufacturer founded by David Lynskey in Ooltewah, Tennessee, near Chattanooga. In the 1999 Tour de France, Lance Armstrong rode a titanium Litespeed Blade painted and labeled as a Trek during time trials. Several professionals have ridden Litespeeds painted as other brands. European brands such as Eddy Merckx and Bianchi have contracted Litespeed to construct titanium frames in their own lines.  Litespeed makes titanium and carbon fiber-framed road racing bicycles and mountain bikes. Litespeed is owned by the American Bicycle Group, parent company of bicycle manufacturer Quintana Roo as well as component fabricator Real Design.  Click Here or the logo for more information about Litespeed.

Quintana Roo "Aero Is Always Faster"

The company was founded in 1987 by Dan Empfield of Ironman fame and is owned by the American Bicycle Group, LLC.  Quintana Roo is considered a pioneer of triathlon-specific products.  Starting the company off making Tri-specific wetsuits and areo bars the company took off, designing and building their first Triathlon bike in 1989 and now looking to the future with neqw inovative designs such as the Shift Series and Illicito.  Click Here or the logo for more information about QR (Quintana Roo).

Boardman Bikes

We are excited to be one of the first USA bike shops to carry the English brand Boardman Bikes.  We are big fans of Chris Boardman and these bikes.  We see a great future between us and hope to be able to grow with Boardman Bikes as one of their biggest dealers.  A goal that should be easy to accomplish with the GREAT Road, Tri, and Mountain bikes that Boardman is putting out!  Click Here or the logo for more information about Boardman Bikes!

Zipp Speed Weaponry

Zipp is always on the cutting edge of wheel and component design.  Implementing years of research and developement in to each of their products to bring the most advance and areo products to the market.  Known mainly for their wheels such as the 808 or 404, they also make outstanding components to complement any bike!  Click Here or the logo for more information about Zipp.


A french company that is all about wheels.  They started in 1889 with wheel accessories and stuck with it to bring the cycling the very best in wheels and wheel components.  Making some of the fastes and most durable mountain bike wheels to inovative road wheel technology, chooseing Mavic is always a great choice!  Click Here or the logo for more information about Mavic.

American Classic

A company always on the front lines of inovation, bringing their road tubeless wheels to the market showing the competition how it was done with their aluminum clinchers.  With their strong line of Road, Mountain, and Hand Cycle Wheels and their love for invinting American Classic is always a great wheel choice.  Click Here or the logo for more information about American Classic