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Who We Are

Mavic, French manufacturer of bike systems and rider's equipment came into being in 1889. Today, with over one hundred years of experience, Mavic continues to stride forward into the future. More than 300 staff help the famous yellow brand to progress - with a real passion for the sport of cycling.

Everything begins in the heart of the French Alps. In this ideal environment we ride as often as possible, either to develop future products or just simply for the pleasure of devouring those small mountain roads leading us to nearby mountain passes or to pound the singletracks and sensational downhills of the Semnoz. Products are designed and sold from the Design Centre in Annecy. 

Mavic's History


Mavic - Rue de la Guillotière

Two brothers, Léon and Laurent Vielle, created a 'nickel-plating' business in 1889. A little later Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel ventured into the 'manufacture and the sale of spare parts for bicycles'..

While the Vielle brothers founded Etablissements Métallurgiques du Rhône (EMR) with the brand name AVA, the latter created MAVIC, Manufacture d’Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel (Idoux & Chanel’s Manufactory of Articlesfor Velocipedes). The common factor between these two businesses was their President, Henry Gormand.


Mavic - LOGO 1923

The logo was in a then-fashionable:circle with decorative typo


Mavic - the first car

Mavic expanded into the manufacture of much-appreciated pedal cars for children in the thirties.

The Company made two models that were outstanding for the period with spoked wheels fitted with decorative hub-cabs, chain drive to the back axle, hood and trunk.
In a catalog of the period Henry Gormand’s children could be seen at the wheel. 

 Only a small number were made; they are rare if not impossible to find today. Just one "Championship" model was found in a Paris collector's house and is today back home with Mavic.


Mavic - Apron Mudguard

The "Apron Mudguard"

was one of

the jewels

in the company's crown.