All Bike Services

Austin Tri-Cyclist Inc. offers a fully equipped service department for the upgrade, maintenance, and repair of your equipment.

Below you will find a listing of our standard repair services. Any service not listed will be quoted on a case by case basis. All customers who purchase a bike from our store receive a 150-mile check-up (recommended) free of charge.

Note: all services outlined below include labor charges only.
Service prices must be verified at the store prior to service.

The Sprint Tune-up

  • Gear and Brake Adjustment
  • Lube Drivetrain
  • Inflate Tires


The Olympic Tune-up

  • Complete wash and re-lube
  • True Wheels
  • Adjust Gears and Brakes
  • Check for proper torque on bolts for the Bottom Bracket, Headset, Stem, Seatpost, etc. Check all seals and dustcovers.
  • Check Chain and Cassette for wear and damage
  • Inflate Tires
  • Flush pedal grease if necessary (speedplay pedals +$5)


The Half Iron Tune-up

  • Olympic Tune-up Plus:
  • Overhaul of Headset, Hubs, and Bottom Bracket.  (things that squeak)
  • Detailed Frame and Drivetain Wash


The Full Iron Tune-up

A complete bike strip down and rebuild to make your bike like new.  Includes new cables, housing, and bar tape.



    Individual Services


    Brake Service

    Adjustment, alignment, and balancing cantilever, caliper, and disc brakes  




    Complete brake installation of all brake systems including cable/housing installation and adjustment (excludes bleeding and length adjustment of hydraulic brakes)


    Replacing brake pads

    Disc brakes



    Drivetrain Service

    Derailleur adjustment- includes properly setting limit screws and adjusting cable tension for index and friction-type shifters


    or both

    for $15

    Installation of derailleur- Front


    (mechanical only, quotes for electronic groups by request)



    Straighten derailleur hanger


    Installation of shifters –Integrated brake/shifter


    (includes running cables/housing to proper length, excludes adjustment at derailleurs /brakes)



    Bottom Bracket installation (all styles including press-fit)


    Bottom Bracket overhaul




    Chain Installation


    Cassette/Freewheel Installation


    Crank Installation

    (bottom bracket installation fee discounted to $8 with crank installation)


    Chainring installation or replacement


    Wheel/Tire Service

    New tube and/or tire on quick-release wheels

    New tube and/or tire on bolt-on wheels




    Wheel True


    Replace spoke + re-true


    Gluing tubular on clean rim


    Replacing tubular- includes removing old tubular and glue from rim


    Other Services

    Packing a bike for shipping


    Packing wheels for shipping




    Bike hard-case rental


    Packing a complete bike in a hard-case



    $30 with hard-case rental

    Building a Bike From a Box - We assemble it from the box and do a thorough inspection of the bike, along with a pre-race tune


    Custom Building a Bike

    Starting at